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Wish You Well - 2020!

Last year I wrote a Christmas song by the name of Wish You Well (I Promise To See You At Christmas) and, by way of sending out a Christmas card to everyone far and wide, I recorded the song with my family - that's my daughter Louisa (then aged 8) singing, and her twin brother Daniel on percussion and flute. The end of the song also features the magical sound of the bells of St Mary's, Harrow-on-the-Hill.

This year I'm delighted to be working with the very wonderful Harrow Music Service to make a new "lockdown" version of the song bringing together videos made by singers and instrumentalists from 20 schools across the borough of Harrow!

We have hundreds of wonderful students and their equally wonderful teachers hard at work rehearsing and recording the song and we'll be putting it all together very soon. The final video will be available on the Harrow Music Service website and elsewhere in December - stay tuned!

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