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With dazzling acoustic interplay, infectious rhythms and gorgeous new and traditional songs, Na Ponta do Pé is a stunning collection of 11 tracks of vibrant acoustic Brazilian music rooted in the choro and samba tradition.

Na Ponta do Pé translates as “on the point of the foot” - it’s a Brazilian saying that expresses how the hottest samba is danced, how the most stylish football is played; it’s where real “swing” comes from.

Na Ponta do Pé is a collection of five songs and six instrumentals, featuring seven original tracks alongside four newly created arrangements of songs by Chico Buarque, Ary Barroso, and others.

From the knockout opening samba-choro Na Ponta do Pé through exuberant baião Voa, Voa, from the gorgeous swaying samba of Retalhos to the lyrical Sarau Para Um Viola, Caratinga’s Na Ponta do Pé is packed with stunning performances and unforgettable tunes.

Caratinga - Na Ponta Do Pé

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